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David Cashman

David Cashman is the principal of  South Lee Educate Together National School in Cork, Ireland. South Lee Educate Together is anew school that was established in 2019. Prior to this David held the position of Deputy Principal and Principal of Sundays Well Boys National School where he was principal since 2015.

David is also currently an Employment Based PhD Scholar in the Department of Education at University College Cork. His research study ‘Reconceptualising Wellbeing: An EcologicalFramework For New Irish Primary Schools’ is concerned with the design and evaluation of a conceptual wellbeing framework for setting up new Irish primary schools by collecting data from the multiple stakeholders involved including School Principals, Teachers, Students and Parents.

David’s research aims to develop an adaptable framework which schools can adapt to their individual context so that wellbeing is the core driver of school life. Accordingly, South Lee ETNS aims  promote student learning and attend to their well-being at the same time so that students succeed academically and also thrive as human beings.

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