The first step on the Trauma Informed Practice journey is to understand trauma, how it affects human thinking and emotions, and the impact it has on the relationship between people using services, and people providing them.

Core Training

Delivered over 1.5 days.

Half day - pre-recorded lectures done in the participants’ own times 

Two half-days - live zoom workshops delivered one week apart from 9.10-1pm both days

Book 19th & 26th AugustBook 10th & 17th september

Who is it for?

Staff within the organisation and is appropriate for all roles from front-line service providers, support and admin staff to back office and management.

Learning outcomes

Module One: Understanding Trauma

  • Understand various types of trauma
  • Explore the impact of trauma on the brain and body
  • Consider the impact of trauma on behaviour and how this relates to the work with service users

Module Two: Trauma Informed Practice

Workshop One: Preventing Triggering and (re) Traumatisation

  • Explore the ways in which individuals and organisations can inadvertently cause harm, retraumatise or traumatise service users
  • Explore trauma-informed care definitions, components and the evidence behind the model
  • Learn about the six principals of trauma informed practice
  • Learn a technique to scan work activities for potentially harmful or triggering factors and apply trauma-informed principals to improve service user experience

Workshop Two: Working with Trauma Behaviours

  • Explore in-depth how trauma affects behaviour including trauma reactions, the Window of Tolerance and Trauma Organised Behaviours
  • Learn to use the ‘trauma filter’to examine ‘challenging’ situations and behaviours related to trauma, and consider service responses to this
  • Practice using a trauma-informed approach to supporting service users with trauma-activated behaviours
  • Explore the implications of trauma-informed principals for receiving disclosures of early life difficulties
  • Develop a plan for self-care to support capacity to be trauma-informed


Individual Core Training is €180 per person.
The table here indicates bulk reductions for 3+ groups of 15 trainees.
Please note that this is an indicative guide for pricing. Full quotations can be provided upon request.  To estimate your costs, simply calculate:

  • Define how many training groups of up to 15 people are required
  • Use this to identify which cost band you are in in the table below
  • Multiply the number of groups you require by the group cost in that band


Training Groups
Group Cost
Per Person Cost









Additional costs are incurred where in-person training is required. This cost will vary depending on the travel duration.

Trauma Informed Practice Under Pressure

advanced - Half Day - Online

Participants explore poly-vagal theory, neuroception and regulation techniques and how these can be used to improve their work in challenging or high-stress workplace situations.

BOOK ONLINE August 2nd (9am-1pm)

This workshop facilitates participants to develop a more nuanced understanding of the autonomic nervous system, their own stress reactions and strategies for self and co-regulation in challenging situations.

Who is it for?

This course is for people who have previously attended the core trauma informed practice training. Although beneficial for all, it can be particularly helpful for frontline workers who are frequently exposed to challenging or high-stress workplace situations.

Learning outcomes

In this workshop participants will:

  • Learn about exciting new theoretical developments in psychology and trauma-informed practice, with a focus on the polyvagal theory and co-regulation
  • Increase awareness of own internal stress reaction and how this impacts their ability to be trauma informed
  • Develop techniques to create-calm, focus and presence- the three essential internal conditions to support service users to feel safe in challenging situations
  • Apply self-reflection and reaction techniques through case-studies and role plays relating to challenging conversations with clients and colleagues.


€90 per person or €1,200 for up to 15 participants
(additional charge for travel / in person trainings)

TIP Managers: Leading Challenging Conversations


BOOK online September 20th & 27th, 9am to 1pm

Service managers will explore the application of trauma-informed principals to support a better understanding of their relationships with staff, their role in trauma informed implementation and how trauma informed values can be modelled in the context of supervision, team reflections and other work-spaces.

Who is it for?

It is for people with line management responsibilities, who have previously attended the core trauma informed practice training.

Learning outcomes

  • Explore the application of polyvagal theory, trauma theory and other key ideas to management practice
  • Increase awareness of power dynamics, stress and workplace culture on trauma informed practice
  • Examine the manager’s role insupporting a team to clarity in relation to the application of TIP principals
  • Develop new techniques forholding trauma-informed one-to-one conversations and team reflections


€130 per person online for €150 per person in person or €1,820 for up to 15 participants. (additional charge for travel / in person training) 

I really enjoyed the entire training session. It’s very relevant to my job role and this will help me be more mindful of my client's situations and how to deal with them.
Early Childhood Care and Education Professional
This training makes you think differently. It changes your perspective. I now try to approach all my interactions with court users and colleagues assuming everyone around me has experienced trauma, which makes it safer for those who have.
Courts Service Professional
HSE Mental Health Professional
Since the training, I’ve reflected on how parts of our service may be re-traumatising for people and I’m taking concrete actions to mediate or eliminate those.

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