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Dr Jane Mulcahy

Jane Mulcahy is a Research Fellow with REPPP at the University of Limerick working on the Greentown programme. She graduated with her PhD in Law from University College Cork in 2020 on the topic of “Connected Corrections and Corrected Connections: post-release supervision of long sentence male prisoners”. Her research was co-funded by the Irish Research Council and the Probation Service under the employment based PhD scheme. Jane has worked as a researcher in the area of criminal justice, penal policy and social justice since 2005. She hosts a podcast called “Law and Justice” since September 2017.

Jane was awarded a Justice Media Award in the best local radio show/podcast category by the Law Society of Ireland for her three-part documentary series “Humanising Human Rights” on Ireland’s second periodic review under the UN Convention Against Torture in Geneva in 2017. During lockdown, Jane began recording a special YouTube series of Law and Justice called “How to talk policy and influence people” with many interviewees addressing the subject of attachment, the harmful impact of childhood adversity and interpersonal trauma on individuals and society and the importance of cultivating safety in our homes, classrooms, communities and beyond.

Her new series is called “Relationship Matters” and explores the importance of relational health across the life course for health, wellbeing, flourishing, social behaviour and healing from trauma. She has also designed and delivered an adult education course on the topic of “Childhood Trauma, Consequences and Essential Responses”.

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